Saturday, November 28, 2015

Youth Camp Day 5

At our morning worship Ken said we need to do a snake where everyone grabs onto the shoulders of the person behind them. Bryan didn't want to. Inguna thought we should and Bryan ended up leading it. With 100 people it was a long snake. 

This morning Kelly was wearing a UT shirt. Janis G. told me he would give me some silly string and to wear an A&M shirt. Brent would tell the yourh about the A&M UT  and the BU rivalry.  They will come up to the front. He said it will be clear when it is time torun up there and spray them with the silly string. That is exactly what happened. It was great! The only problem was that there was silly string everywhere. We were all hoping Inguna wouldn't come in. She didn't. Praise The Lord it was easy to clean up.

I worked on giving Inguna the pictures from the last three camps. Diana helped me because I hate having to edit them down.

I got some pizza since we wouldn't be eating dinner until late.

We had the service. Paul David made a slideshow of all the service projects. We sang a cool song and it was neat to see people worshiping God.

After the service we had a picnic with sausage, cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, and bread. We also had coke floats. We took lots of pictures since it was the last day. I was hoping to see Alexander's again. He was at another camp this week. He came to the picnic! I was glad to see him! I asked him to rap again. He was about to leave. I said when are you going to  rap? Then, he broke out in his rap. It was great.

We then had a closing ceremony. Brent thanked everyone. All the Americans went up front. Each one of us was called individually. I was standing next to Keith and we were laughing almost the whole time because before each person the Latvians would clap so much. Each person was a big deal. We each got a standing ovation. It was fun.

A lot of youth came up to me to thank me. It was so sweet. Some people talked to me in Latvian and got someone to translate for me. It was sweet. The girls in my room call me Kush Kush. That means be quiet in Latvian. That is what I am always saying to them at night. They told me they wanted to put my bed in the hall in the night. They opened the fridge door for light. I saw the light and looked up since the fridge was open. They weren't able to prank me. The girls that took my bra apologized and said they didn't mean to get me but Zane to get back to her for her prank to Austin. It was a good night.

I went to bed around 12 and was the first one in bed. Around 1 I heard an annoying noise. It almost sounded like a fire alarm. Next thing I know I hear Austin knocking on the door and came in and said get out. It's a fire. I started walking down the hall. Then I turn back and say "my shoes." Austin says you don't have time for your shoes. When I turned back I see many people standing behind and laughing. I then went back to bed. 

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