Saturday, November 28, 2015

Day 2 - Start of Orphan Camp

We had a good breakfast this morning. They warned me I couldn't be late. I was the last one down there but wasn't late. 
For breakfast we had some good melted cheese on bread and creeps with strawberries. The creeps were my favorite. They are better than crepes in the states but different then French creeps. There was also a good fruit drink.

We had some time to chat and hang out before church. I was afraid I would fall asleep. Janis did some magic tricks which were fun to see.

We walked to church while it wasn't raining which was good because it was raining most of the morning. So glad we didn't have to walk in the rain but we did have to avoid puddles. It was very cold walking to church.

At church Chris, Tony, and the Latvian choir sang a few songs together. The words were in English and in Latvian. They even sang part of the song in all English. Almost everything was translated for us which was helpful. For one song the Latvian choir sang. I loved hearing them sing.
The kids came up. We prayed for them. Then they left.
The church reminds me of the French church.
After songs no one ever claps which I think is kind of odd. I was always tempted to clap but no one did.

I went to lunch with Bruce, the pastor and some people with his church. We were going to get a sandwich but that place was closed.
We walked into another store to see what they had and to get me to come in when I seemed hesitant the last said knock knock.
We went to a pizza place. I went there on the last trip and was glad we could go back. I just got cheese pizza. It was good but thin crust.

At lunch we were informed of the chance of lice from kids at the orphanage. Parents, don't be worried. No one in the past has gotten lice. There is a special kind of shampoo we can use to prevent. Inguna will take any kids to treat their lice if they have it.
We went to two stores to try to get a special kind of shampoo but couldn't find it and didn't know how t say lice in Latvian. We have some shampoo at the school so hopefully that will be ok.

After the store we had our orphan camp meeting. Latvians mostly from church helped set up beds for all the kids.
We did introductions first. There were 35 people Americans and Latvians that will be helping.

Everyone is very nice and eager to include everyone which I am thankful for.

We always will out candy on kids pillows if they make up there bed. To start camp we put push pops on everyone's pillows.

Kids began to come. I LOVED playing ball with the kids.
I would try hard to include everyone.
I played American football with a little 6 year old boy. I don't think he had ever played. He didn't really know how to throw it.
When I played with other kids they had such a big smile on their faces. I don't think many people played with them.

The Latvian helpers here are GREAT! So eager to help everyone!

Next, we meet in the gym and introduced groups to everyone.

My pro beach volleyball friend from the plane yesterday told me I can say chow for hello or good bye. That was good to know. I have been using chow a lot. It is easy to say and I can use it for more than one word.

There is at least one girl with something on her head. I think that is because she has lice.

Sometimes I want to speak the little French or Spanish I know. I think any language will work but I need to focus on Latvian.

We make the kids wash their hands before dinner. Lesa and Bo make sure the kids do by wearing silly costumes.

Inguna told the kids how to pray because not everyone knows.

When we are done eating each table says thank you very loud.

One little boy is sad and is crying a lot.
Found out later he is going home because he is homesick.

Then, we had rule time and did a name game. One little boy didn't want to do the game so Iguna instructed me to sit with him. He got bored and got into someone else's bubbles. I got him a football. He didn't know how to throw it. I taught him how to throw it. Once he got good I taught him how to step into it. He did well and enjoyed it. Once we got bored we played soccer.

Later we did crafts and made name tags. I had some good conversations with some Latvian girls.

Later we lowered the flags. Iguna told what the Christian flag stands for. A different child gets to do it each night. Tonight a little boy who had been going to camp for many years lowered the flag.

I have been somewhat forced to use my big camera since my iPhone just isn't doing the trick. Please pray I would keep my shoulder back and my back wouldn't hurt.

Please pray for my relationships with the Latvians as they will be translating all week this week, working VBS with us next week, and attending youth camp.

Thank you!

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