Saturday, November 28, 2015


This morning we were able to sleep in. We got up and got some breakfast. We had a meeting in the lobby. Zane gave us our ticket for the song and dance festival. 

I went with Brent, Carol the Cummins, Janis G. and Kelly. We went to a very pretty church. We went to the top. It was so great to be at the top. There was a good breeze and we could see all of Riga. It was crowded though. Brent said it was the most crowded he had seen it. We walked around the church a bit.

Then, I got a snack and everyone got drinks at a convenient store. We then walked to the former US embassy to see the Occupation Museum. I asked the lady working there why the US embassy moved. They were on Embassy Row next to all the other Embassy's. She said they wanted a safer place. They are closer to the airport and have two stories below ground and only one above. She said the US embassy when it was on Embassy Row stood out. There were pillars where you couldn't walk side by side. You had to walk in a single row. There were also may guards. None of the other embassies have guards. The lady thought the only problem with the embassy being near the airport is that it would be harder for people to get to since it is further from downtown Riga.

I think Brent is trying to kill us. Almost 3 times we have been close to getting hit by a car.

We went to this large outdoor market where people were selling things. I bought a European map from 1920. From here I split off from the group. The older folks were seeing the 2pm song and dance festival show. The younger ones were seeing the 10pm. I wanted to try some Chinese food in Europe. I passed a place called I heart Tokyo. I went there. They spoke English really well. There was not a menu in English but my editor helped me find what I wanted. I got the largest Pepsi I have had here which is a normal size for the states and with 2 cubes of ice! The food was surprisingly very good and temperature hot.

I went on a boat ride. There were 2 couples from London on there with me. They were going to the Baltic countries. It was nice they spoke English. Our boat driver spoke English but sometimes I couldn't understand what he was saying and they would help pronounce the words better. It was a great hour long boat ride. They even gave me an umbrella since I was in the sun.

My tummy was hurting again so I took a taxi back to the hotel because my tummy was hurting. I took a nap. Brent walked me to the pharmacy to get some medicine. The hotel had no medicine at all. Not even Advil.

We all went to Lido for dinner. I had a coke and 1/4 of a smoothie. Bryan said lets go to the mall. They laughed because I perked up then. All of us kids went to the mall. It wasn't a great mall.

We went back to the hotel. I saw the girl working in the gift shop last night and talked to her for a minute. She said my Latvian is good. I saw her again today and talked to her more. We started talking about God. She doesn't believe in God. She is fine with how her life is even though she knows she does a lot of bad things. I asked her where she thought she would go when she died. She said underground and worms would eat me. She said God isn't for me now maybe later. She is going to be a senior in high school. She works 3 jobs.  Her name is Marta. We need to pray for her.

All of us young folks got in 3 cabs to go to the song and dance festival. It only happens once every five years. I was excited to go. The older folks went at 2. I was going to go then but Zane encouraged me to go at 10 since it would be cooler. I'm thankful I did. It was in a large outdoor stadium. It was obvious when we were getting close because there was more security and many large buses. We all went in through security. I had my camera in my hand. They said no cameras. I put my camera in my bag and tried to go through another line. They noticed something was in my bag. She asked if it was an umbrella. I said no. She asked me to open my bag. She saw by camera and said I can't come in. Bryan and Janis G. were in. I talked to them from the gate. A few minutes later Janis said give me you're camera. I'll go back. He sacrificed watching the show for me. He took my camera back to the hotel and couldn't get back in since he already went in and used his ticket. It was extremely kind. Reminded me a lot of Jesus.  It was incredible to watch all of these dancers together. I heard there were 15,000 performers. Bryan said this couldn't happen in America because guys wouldn't want to do these dances. Bryan counted over 1,000 people dancing at one time.

We went back to the hotel. I was about to go to bed when I got a text from Bryan saying to come to their room. I went.  I saw Caleb and PD there too.  He told me Janis wasn't thinking about the camera on the taxi and left it. Zane and her dad are calling the taxi company to try to hunt it down. I stayed calm and said its okay. I left. Then, I see the door open and Janis is there with my camera. They got me again! It was a good prank. 

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