Saturday, November 28, 2015

Youth Camp Day 2

Surprisingly and thankfully I slept well. 

After breakfast I took a nap because I am not feeling well. May be dehydration but it is cold like symptoms. 

I was supposed to go to the catholic church with my small group but Austin and I didn't make it in time. We went to the baptist church. I was glad to be able to go there again. I was hoping to see Richard before I leave. I was thinking be would be at church but I didn't see him. I saw his sisters.

As I was headed out the door to church I heard Inguna say I will wait here for the police to come. She said there was a drunk person that came in while everyone was in the gym and is sleeping in Jonathan's bed. The police are coming to deal with that.

I think today's service was more of a normal service then the first time I went. The first time the choir had just youth and Janis U. led. This time the choir had adults and youth. Keith played a few songs. I was thinking about how good he was. He can do a lot with the guitar that most people can't. He plays in an unusual way. He makes his guitar do whatever he wants it to. Kind of like clay in the potters hand. We need to let The Lord mold us.  Before he started he made sure his guitar was in tune. It took him a little while. He said I think someone is messing with me because it was in tune. He said his tuning his guitar was the first song. Everyone laughed. He also made sure his guitar was in tune in between each song. Church was full. People were standing in the back. It wasn't because a ton of youth were there. I was surprised how few youth were at the baptist church. I guess they went to the Lutheran or Catholic Churches. It is great to see the church is active in Talsi. Bryan preached this morning on James. This weeks focus is on James. I noticed that it seems like no one takes notes at church here. I may be wrong. Someone tried talking to me in Latvian. I said English. He tried getting Yanis V. to translate. I guess Yanis didn't know the word. Peter translated. I was glad to see that mans persistency in finding someone to ask the word. He just said something about it being windy. I am also thankful that people are willing to translate. I heard a man speak and people clap several times. Mattis told me since this is the last Sunday of the month they are announcing peles birthdays for the month of July. Janis U. received flowers when they announced his name. I asked Mattis why and he said for round numbers like 10, 20, 30, ect. people get flowers. Then, he said if any Americans have birthdays in July stand up. It was nice for him to include the Americans. After the service I talked to Sid. He is a clown from Minnesota that travels around training people to be clowns.

We had lunch. Then, Brent's lecture. We did a service project in town. We all split up. I went with a group and we picked some weeds on a path. I had a good conversation with some girls. We talked about Brent's lecture since we just heard it. I meet Elita, Peters wife today. She grew up in Riga. They come to Talsi often because that is were Peter is from. She said she enjoyed speaking English with me to practice. She is an English teacher in Riga.

We came back and had dinner. Then, our evening service time. Yanis V. did lights and he did a great job! Janis U. led worship. Evita played the piano. They had a full band with other instruments. The drama team performed and they are great.  Bryan preached. He got Brent to come up and asked how much Brent trusted him. Bryan blind folded Brent. Some BU girls came up and did sic em while he was blind folded. Then, he walked up some stairs. The girls caught him. Bryan said they were strong men. It was about the opposite. Brent laughed when he saw who caught him. We had refreshments after. I talked to some girls in my room. They said we will make a poster and name our room the Fat Birds.

We are watching the television writes the Bible. I wasn't able to watch it when it came out. It is nice to watch it today and to see the effects and props. It gives me a better idea of that time.

I have drank a ton and praise The Lord I'm feeling better. I drink so much in Texas. I think I just need to drink more. 

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