Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday in Riga

We had a good breakfast this morning at the hotel.

Janias U. took us to the bus. From the bus we went to the train station to go to Segulda. It was just me, Janias U., Tony, and Jaqui. On the 30 minute bus ride we talked about how there are about 9 churches from our group represented. We have blended so so well. Everyone is so kind. We have blended almost better than people from the same church. On the train everyone had big backpacking backpacks. I don't know why. 

We went to Sigulda. We walked around the town. It was very pretty. We went into a tower with a museum in it. Parts of it were modern. Then, we went to a sky tram and got to go over these beautiful trees. We saw a pretty house. Later, we went to a castle. It wss being renovated. The part that had been renovated was like a big tree house. There was a very modern elevator inside. It was nice we didn't have to climb more stairs but it was nice to not to have to climb more stairs. We got the best pizza I have had here. It was great.  We were glad we had a small group and it was fun to go together. Janis was a great your guide. He had never been before so didn't know much about the area. Anytime we would ask him something and he didn't know he said the town was taken over by aliens and made up a story about aliens. 

We took the hour train ride back to Riga. I got a little nap on the train. We were talking really loud and realized we were loud Americans. Everyone could hear what we were saying. The train worker got our tickets. He thought Janis was an American. We all thought that was funny. 

Then, we walked around Old Town in Riga. It was super fun. We got some good souvenirs. 

All day Janis had been talking about this restaurant called Street Burger. I didn't know how good it would be. It was a little off the beaten path. It was very good. One of the only places with free refills. 

We wanted to see the rest of our group before they head out tomorrow. We finally saw them. We split up again. Some went to the hotel, others went to one shop, and some of us to another shop. James and I lost Callie, Janis, and Tanner. We finally found them. 

On the walk back to the hotel we meet a man that greeted is in English. I asked him where they are from. He was born in Riga. Had lived in the States many years and is now back in Riga. The man said the strawberries here are so good because of all the sunlight. 

A group of us went to the rooftop view and watched the sunset while having great cake and celebrating Callie's birthday. 
Such a fun day with a great group of people. 
New week. New camp. New team. New kids. New pranks? 

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