Saturday, November 28, 2015

Youth Camp Day 1

This morning Brent said those hedge hogs are annoying. They will get in your bed. 
Someone said they were having their quiet time. Mr. Cummins said there is no "quiet time" with Brent. Brent made an announcement that there has been an outbreak of hedgehogs at the school. We had a good breakfast while Zane told us the plan for the day.

I went to visit Maija, Matthews, and Elizabeth. On my walk over to there house I saw people walking around, activities in the street, and music. Once I got to their house, I played Cirkus with Matthews and Elizabeth. The game was like Shutes and Ladders but different characters on the board. Maija told me they made the game during soviet times. I walked around town with Matthews and Elizabeth.  We saw Artus. He was dressed up ready to perform. He said he had to practice for the song and dance festival this week and so he couldn't go to youth camp. I am so glad I got to see them perform. There were three age groups that performed: adults, about 8-12 year olds, and about 5-7 year olds. It was so great to see.

I wanted to go to the market because I heard the market is  on Saturdays. While I was headed there I saw a ton of people out. It was similar a carnival atmosphere. There were lots of things to buy and eat. I got some food. It wasn't great. The lady said they have pork. She opened the container and it was pig snout. More than just plain pork. I did not have that. I think some people knew I didn't speak English. Other people spoke English and were able to help me. So far language hasn't been much of a barrier at all.  I bought a mug and a rug. Ha, that rhymes.

After meeting back at TKS we headed for the Lutheran church.  Keith played an hour long concert.
Many people came including  youth that will attend the camp and people from the community. I was concerned attendance would be low with all the festivities in town today. Many people did come. A few people were video taping. I think everyone really liked it. I talked to Keith yesterday some and it was cool to see how he always gave God credit for his incredible talent.

Karen, Lisa, Joel, and Mike Cummins helped me move my stuff to a room where the youth will be staying I will be sleeping with them.

My computer is full. Joel is letting me borrow a flash drive to put pictures on it. It was formatted for a pc. Bryan helped me change it for a Mac.

Camp starred and Brent made lots of jokes about Karen and Jennifer during his announcements.

We ate dinner at 4:30. I meet Peter who has graduated from TKS. He does videos and photography for a living in Riga. He is doing video for some weddings soon. I remember seeing him play base with Janis, Tony, and Chris after orphan camp.

We all meet outside of the flag poles. There we walked almost a mile to the start of the parade. We were in the Talsi parade. All of the carnival activities were going on today because everyone was celebrating the city. TKS was represented in the parade through all of the youth camp participants. We walked through the city. Many people came to see the parade. We passed out fliers telling people about the sermons at the camp. Mike Cummins did a great job. He was passing fliers out to everyone.  I stood next to Jonathan and PD the whole time. I think The Lord was trying to test me. Just kidding. Lots of sarcasm from them. Jonathan made lots of Aggie jokes. After the parade as we were standing around waiting I saw a lady with a very cute baby. I smiled at her a lot. She smiled back. Then, I decided to talk to her. I said your baby is very cute. She got her friend to translate. I asked how old her little girl was and her friend said 8 months. I went back with our group. When I was leaving she weaved good bye to me. I miss holding little ones while being here.  I need to meet a friend here with a baby I guess.

I moved all my things into the largest bathroom because that was the best place for them to go. My things have been moved about 3 times in the last 24 hours.

We had some free time. Then, we meet with our small group  I am with Jonathan and Neil. We asked some basic getting to know each other questions. 

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