Saturday, November 28, 2015

Friday in Riga

We got up and got a breakfast similar to Sundays. Good cheese crackers, strawberries and other good things. At camp before we ate we would sing a song. Bruce said lets sing before eating today. Chris started singing 'Bless the Lord' everyone joined. It was nice. 

Then, Janet and I went to the store to get some tissues before heading to Riga. 

Many Latvian leaders stayed at the school and saw us off. Many tears. It was sad for many. We took a group picture and prayed. 

Then, we headed to a castle on the way to Riga. Only 10 of us went in. We got a tour. It was a very nice old campus. It was built for the mayor of Riga as a vacation home. I think it was during the war that the castle got invaded and destroyed. It was later rebuilt. We went up many steep stairs. 5 stories total. There was a small room up there they kept water when the castle was being used. Today, we got a view. 
I got a quick ice cream snack there before hitting the road again. 

We got to Riga after some traffic. Checked into the hotel. We walked an odd and busy route to the train station. 

We went to Jerumla and got lunch at 4:30. We were all getting hungry and grumpy. We walked through a scenic route through some neighborhoods. Then we walked on the beach in the water for about a mile. The water was not deep. The water was calm, and very clear. Then, we went shopping. I found a few good things. 

We took the train back to Riga. It is about a 45 minute ride. Our group was talking to each other to figure out if this was the right stop for Riga. Everyone in the back yelled out no, this is not Riga. We thought it was funny. 

We got a taxi and went to Lido for dinner. I have been wanting to go there for 5 years. It was great! They were decorated special for the Latvian Song and Dance Festival. 

I went to the lobby of the hotel and saw fireworks by the river. Many people were holding balloons. When the fireworks were finished they released the balloons. That was all for a wedding celebration. How fun! Why don't we do that in the States?!

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