Saturday, November 28, 2015


This morning we had to leave by 6:45. It was an early start. Jonathan checked in one of my bags since I had one to many and he didn't have any checked bags. James had one of Jonathan's carry on's and James' carry on was inside of Jonathan's. It was slightly confusing. 

I slept all the way from Riga to Amsterdam. I didn't even hear the drink cart go by.

We had to get our boarding oases in Amsterdam because we didn't get them in Riga. While we were waiting I meet some folks from Chicago. They said they live in a city that starts with an L that is in between Naperville and Chicago. They were in Riga with their son. He was going to a conference but they went early to tour. They asked me where I was from. I said Dallas. They said they have a son that lives in Arlington. I clarified that was where I am really from. They asked what I did in Arlington. I said I am a student at A&M. They said that is why they were in Riga. There son graduated form A&M and it was his conference they were going for in Riga.  I wanted to stop by Starbucks but Brent said we didn't have time. Our flight left at 1. Our boarding time was 11:30. We thought that was wrong but went anyways. We had to be there early to be questioned and go through a scanner. There were only 7 of us flying to Atlanta. The ones that booked earlier free to Detroit. I say next to a lady that just got back from a mission trip.

In Atlanta we had to go through customs. We sat on the runway for an hour because of rain. I was able to sleep most of the trip.

It was great to be home and see my family. 

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