Saturday, November 28, 2015

VBS Day 4

This morning in our big group time I hung out a lot with Elizabeth and Dita. 

When we were in Riga Artus, a great photographer told me there was something on my camera and when we got back he would help me get it off. Today he brought a lot of cleaning equipment and he cleaned my camera with a lot of care. He said he put one of my pictures on his computer into a program and saw what was wrong with my picture. He said there was dust in it. It was so kind of him to clean it. He has a Nikon. So does Robin. They were making fun of my Canon. Artus said his phone takes better pictures than my Canon. It was all in fun.   We compared cameras. Looks like my camera doesn't have some of these newer features since it is so old. Artus told me all the buttons on his camera are in English. He said he knows camera words in English better than Latvian. Artus also said he never shoots outside on ISO 100. He said 200 is best for lighting. He is going to be a junior in high school and has already shot one wedding. He made an incredible video. He said it was his first video. I would be lucky if I could ever make a video that well. 

Elina usually has one or two Bibles with her. Today, she showed me her children's Bible. She knew each story. 

Alexanders does such a good job with his kids. At orphan camp everyone kept talking about how well he did. Today, his kids came to scripture memory. One of the leaders left the room. He thought it was a kid and quickly followed. He came back and counted all his children. He is only going to be a junior here at TKS. 

Michael, the main leader for VBS injured his back. He was in bed all day yesterday and this morning. Baiba is a Latvian youth that was translating but is doing most of the leading now for our scripture memory. She is doing so great. 

Yesterday Maija and Elizabeth and I wanted to go paddle boating but it didn't work out. Baiba helped me call. She is always so sweet to translate for me. We had to wait a bit for the lady to come to unlock the boat. While we were waiting we had a strawberry cocktail which is the same as a shake. It reminds me of the strawberry shakes my dad makes me. Elizabeth and I shared some fries. Maija was so sweet to treat us to that. We had fun riding on the paddle boat for 30 minutes. While we were on the boat we saw something that looked similar to a duck but it swam under water. We saw someone dressed nicely walking. I asked if that was Janis U. we yelled his name. No response. Maija called him, he answered, and started waving to us. It was him! He was walking to the concert where he is performing. 

We went to Martenelis tonight for dinner. We pre ordered because Inguna said they cook very fresh. She said it is so fresh it is like kill the pig right after you order so we ordered ahead. 
Janis G. took a math placement test for A&M. Rhonda and someone else helped him study. At dinner Janis announced at dinner he got into the best math class's at A&M. He gave some chocolate to the people that helped him study. 

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