Saturday, November 28, 2015


This morning I got a later start. Got a good breakfast at the Raddison. Then, I walked around Old Town. It is always nice to walk around the water. People were getting set up for Mid Summer. Mid Summer which is the biggest festival of the year. It was fun to see lots of bands and activities getting ready for the celebration that will last until morning. There were also many tourist walking around. I would say 9 out of 10 people I saw were tourist. Every person has a name day where you celebrate there name. Today is Janis name day. Janis is the most popular male name in Latvia. 

Then, Marcia and I went to St. Matthews Baptist Church. We took a taxi because it was a little ways away. Marcia and I meet James and Tanner there. They go to the Lovejoys church. Tanner is moving here for 3 years in August. They are working on getting things set up for Tanner.   After the service we talked to the pastors.  They had great english. We found out this church is over 100 years old. The pastor said that in Latvia it seems you have to be a strong Christian or not a Christian at all. He was telling us about someone he missed but said he doesn't miss him to much because he knows he will see him in heaven. I heard Janis say that when he said goodbye to someone. Love that eternal perspective.  There is no in between or any like warm Christians.  We asked where they recommend we go for lunch. He said there is a place called Chili that has pizza but it isn't that good. He named another place and said Lulu's has the best pizza. Juanis told us that yesterday too. We decided to go to Lulu's. He told us how to get there. The pastor said LuLu is the Gospel and Chili is the law. 

We took a tram to Old Town. We then walked to LuLu. It was closed! We went to a good Latvian place. It looked like La Madeline on the inside. I got pork with cheese and vegetables. Nice presentation. It looked like it was in a flower pot. 

Marcia and I went to the airport I meet the new VBS team. Sabine, Babila, and Janis U. Joined us there. 

We drove back to Talsi. After getting settled in we had an amazing shish kabob dinner. So, so good! It's so good Inguna was offered 30,000 for the recipe and she didn't take it. 

I went on a walk with Brian, Janis G., and Jessica. We saw both ponds and some cool plants. 

After coming back we had a VBS team meeting. 

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