Saturday, November 28, 2015

Day 5 of Orphan Camp

Praise The Lord, today I am feeling much better. 
Kids packed up their things this morning. 
I did some video interviews today. 
Kids got people to sign their shirts that they made during crafts. 
We had lunch and Iguna called the American men up. They gave flowers and a bag with goodies to the cooks and workers. When they called the American men up I got up to take a picture. Everyone saw me get up and they said "men" making sure I knew. I thought it was funny. 
Chris sang a song to Janet from Janet's angel. He sang a song from her wedding since her 40th wedding anniversary is coming up. It was sweet. 
We went to church and sang a song. A nice girl shared her testimony. It is amazing how much God is going at Talsi Christian School. This girls mom put her at TKS even though her family wasn't saved. At TKS there she learned a lot about The Lord and became saved. 
There was a group of about 3 students and 3 teachers who had been studying all week for a big physics test. Today was the test. After the test this young man came to church to be with us. I thought that was great that is where he wanted to be after a test instead of getting icecream, celebrating with someone, ect. 
I heard someone say in Latvia that they lack resources. They don't have as many Christian resources as we do in the Dates. I was talking to Edgar about this last night.  They have a Bible and the Holy Spirit and that is all they need. They don't seem to be lacking. 

I went to church early to make sure Janis brought my camera. I tried all the doors. Then, I knocked on a window and Janis opened the door for me.  Janis didn't bring  my camera. It was locked in the gym. He told me where the key was but I wouldn't be able to read the writing to know which key is which. I saw Evita and she said she would help. We ran back to the school. It wasn't far but we ran. Half way there she told me she has to be at the church to sing. She just opened the door for me then ran back. 

35 kids came forward and said they wanted to surrender their lives to Christ. Praise The Lord!

We went back to school and did group pictures. 
There is a photographer here in Talsi that has been at camp some. He brought his flash. Janis took the pictures. It was cool to see everyone work together as the body of Christ to accomplish this goal. 

The kids left and we said out good byes. It was sad to see them leave. 

We then cleaned the school. It wasn't to bad. I finally found something to blow up balls with. Most balls were flat. Janis was going to help me blow them up but when school starts they will be flat again so we didn't bother. It would have taken a very long time to blow up all the balls. 

We meet all together as leaders. There were 46 American and Latvian leaders. First, we prayed. Then, we went around and told what the highlight of our week was. Later, we revealed our secret angels. Then, we passed out gifts for Latvians and Americans. Finally, we had pizza for dinner and visited. 

Many people talked about how amazing all the Latvian leaders were. They truly were. There were two young men with the youngest age. I think 5-7. They were amazing with those boys. 

People shared stories about kids hearts being hard at the beginning but they softened up. It was near to hear stories of American leaders seeing kids open up and change more through the years. 

It was amazing to hear stories from the Latvian leaders that went to Talsi Christian School and came to know The Lord. Now they can help the kids at the camp. It is so amazing to see The Lord work and Igunas obedience. The school started over a tragedy with her daughter and now there has been so many great things come from it. 

It was great to see the body of Christ work together to accomplish this camp. 

Iguna has been doing camps for 18 years. She said that is enough time to raise a new generation. It will be near to see what The Lord does with camp over the years. 

It took a while to do the revealing of the secret angels. Each person was given a name. You would give gifts to them thought the week to bless them. Tonight, each person guessed who their secret angel was.  Not many people guessed the right person. Everyone seemed to think Lesa was there secret angel. Iguna said her secret angel was lazy and didn't seem to care that she was the principle. That was funny. We finally found out everyone's secret angel. 

The Americans all got some nice chocolates with a wrapping of a picture of Talsi Christian School. 

At dinner I meet a guy, the one that took the physics test that works at the bee farm! He said I can come visit next week. Should be great! 

I had been wanting to go on a walk for a while since I haven't been on one lately. After our festivities faded I asked Jacquie if she wanted to go with me. She likes to walk to so we went.  We went to the lake I have been wanting to go to, walked through a neighborhood.
We talked about what people do here for a living. I have meet two carpenters and a guy that works at a bee hive. I don't know anyone with those occupations in the states. I think it may be because they live in the country. I bet things are different in Riga since many people go to school there. 
There is also a fairly large hotel in Talsi. It is near the government buildings. Jacque and I thought maybe they have lots of meetings in Talsi or maybe anyone in any near by area stays at that hotel. 

We then went to Talsi Baptist where Chris, Janis, Tony, and this other guy were doing a recording. They want to record some of Janis ' songs to see if they can get into schools or public areas. It is harder to do in Latvia. Janis is good at playing the guitar and writing. He has a big passion for it. He is going to school to be an event coordinator and for music. I still can't believe he sold his guitar. Praise The Lord he was obedient to The Lords calling. They finished one song and Chris said anymore? Janis said I have 30 more songs. Jacque said we need to get Janis to the states to record. She said we brought the states to him.  
I left earlier than everyone else. I went through the door we came in. It was locked. I saw two Latvians. Got their attention. I waked to the door and pointed. He tried and couldn't open it. Then one guy said in English what is it you want. Note: ask in English first. If they don't know point. 
Grace and peace,
In His glory,
Chelsea Recine 

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