Saturday, November 28, 2015

Day 4 of Orphan Camp

Went to bed not feeling well and woke up not feeling well. I think it is from all of the walking in the grass yesterday. 
I got breakfast then went back to bed. 
I sit by Lesa, Chris' wife at all meals. She is sweet. It is nice to sit by an American. It is also nice because she has been here many times so she knows a lot. 
Chris made me some tea with ginger and honey. It was very kind of him and it seemed to help. 
Magdeba took me to the store to get some medicine. She translated everything for me and helped me carry lots of drinks back. She is so sweet and has such a servants heart. 
We went to Talsi Baptist church to teach the kids what church is like and how to behave. Some kids had never been to church. 
Yanis did sound. He is great at it and serves so well in that way. Such a small part of the service but makes a great difference. 
The Gospel is the same for people thought all generations and all countries. Jesus died once and for all. All people everywhere. That is huge! I am thankful. 
Inguna shared her testimony. Teachers at school taught students there is no God. She got married had two daughters. Her second daughter had a tumor in her brain. She prayed that her surgery would go well and she would praise God. The surgery went well.  Inguna went to church. Some missionaries came and told her about God. She became a Christian. She gave up her life to The Lord. God told her to start a Christian school to tell people about God. Although her daughter, Elina still struggles with seizures many good things have come from this bad circumstance. 
Janis led us in a time of worship. I saw many girls crying. We are ready to reap a harvest tomorrow. 
I saw Richard, the little boy I played football with yesterday. He wanted to play again but we had to leave. 
Bruce and Tony prayed over me and my sickness. 
Chris helped me get set up with my water. 
Later, Evita gave me a hug and checked on me. 
Iguna drove me and Marcia to this place where all the kids played. It was a blessing to find such a nice place. 
I had some good conversations with Americans while the kids were playing since I wasn't up to playing. 
Then, we went to this beautiful open area with lots of trees and a pond. The pond wasn't very clean but some people went in to go swimming. We had sausages, chips, and a banana for dinner. We made the sausage over a camp fire. 
Edgar told me he wants to start an orphanage. He would be good at that since he is so good with kids. I want to come back and see his orphanage someday. 
Later we had s'mores and played. It was lots of fun! 
I hadn't done anything like this since the 8th grade when I went camping. 
Praise The Lord I was feeling pretty well. 
I was sitting by myself on this pretty hill looking at all the kids playing. Soon, Barbie came and joined me. She is a lady from OK. She is good at noticing others by themselves. Soon Chris and Bruce and a child came and we had fun making jokes. 
It was very sad to leave this beautiful place. 

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