Saturday, November 28, 2015

VBS Day 1

We got up and had a meeting at 9. We had a light breakfast on our own here. We mostly had some left over strawberries and crackers from yesterday. 

This morning I went to the well to get some water. It was nice and clean and cold. 

I saw two boys trying to get into the locked school doors. I talked to them. They were 10 and went to school at TKS. They had great English. The thought VBS started at 9 like it usually does. Today it starts at 2. I played with them in the gym for a bit. I taught them how to play American football. They were pretty good at it. 

We got things ready for our first day. I printed a revised schedule since today is different. 

When Iguna would tell Elina to do something in Latvian she would respond in English. We all laughed. 

We got aquatinted with our Latvian team. 

We tried to get lunch but most places were closed because everyone was celebrating Mid Summer. Inguna drove some folks to the store and they brought back sandwich meat for us. We also got abimal crackers and dipped it in something like Nutella it was half chocolate and half vanilla. It was SO good!
At lunch Cullen and Brian were telling us a funny story about a guy snoring last night. 

When the kids were gathering around to start I saw a girl sitting by herself. I talked to her for a bit. We didn't talk much because I didn't think her English was to good. She told me her name. She also said I was nice. I didn't say much our whole conversation but she will thought so. It was so sweet!
VBS got started with singing Jesus is Lord and raising the Christian flag. 
We did introductions in the gym and had a time of worship through song. 

This weeks focus is that Jesus is our Savior like life guards save people. We have lots of water analogies. 

I am working with Michael, Babila, Marcia, and Elina doing scriptures memory. We did a small project today do I helped pass that out and get them set up. 

Yesterday Zeneta told me a 7 year old little boy from an orphanage died this weekend in a lake. She said he had a 4 year old sister and she probably doesn't understand. She has such a heart for these sweet kids. 

We had dinner with the kids, played some activities, and lowered the flag. 

We had a group meeting and everything went well today. Rhonda was very prepared. She brought so many great things for the kids to do for activities. She did so much prep work. She also wrote a very Biblical based curriculum. It was a good day. 

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