Saturday, November 28, 2015

VBS Day 3

This morning Martha told us a story about how she and some others went to the beach last night. Someone saw their VBS shirts about the Savior that Saves and asked them about their shirts. They explained. The people said they hitch hiked to the beach from Riga, which is about a 2 hour and 30 minute drive. They said they were in Talsi and didn't have a place to stay. Baiba let them stay at her house. So cool! 

Today we had another good breakfast. It is fun being here with different teams and learning new things. This morning Michael put condensed milk on his strawberries. I will have to try that tomorrow. They use condensed milk in their coffee instead of creams and sugar because condensed milk has both. I wish I drank coffee so I could try it. 

In our scripture memory time we had some extra time so Michael taught the kids to play duck duck goose. They have never played. Evita told me they play a similar game but 2 kids run in opposite directions and try to get into the seat first. 

One of the little boys I taught how to play football yesterday remembered me and came up to me this morning. That was sweet. 

We have lots of great games to help the kids memorize the verses. The games and verses corresponded with the Bible lessons. Everything corresponded with our theme of Jesus the Savior that saves. 

Elina has such a heart for The Lord. She always has her Bible with her. She was telling me how much she wants her cousin Kate to come to know The Lord. 

I usually help the cooks bring out the food. Some of them I think we're surprised to see me again here this week. 

At lunch I sat next to Alexander. During the prayer I took his dessert and put it by another girl. The girls thought it was so funny! I'm amazed how much you can communicate by sign language. I wish I could understand what people were saying. I think I would get to know them better. 

One girl could speak English well and she would interpret for other girls. One girl told me I am very pretty. Dita, a girl that is usually by herself I hung out with a lot today. She said I am cool. It was so sweet. The girls watched me during worship through song to see if I was dancing and doing the hand movements. They were surprised I was. 

Magdalena is so kind. She took me to the Talsi cheese factory. They make cheese, milk, and a few other things there. They have a little store where they sell things. I bought some milk and a Napoleon. 
Then, Magdalena and I went to see the Lutheran church. It is the oldest church in Talsi. 
Then, she took me to the watch tower. It is no longer open. The stairs are gone too. 
Then, we hung up a poster for the Keith Cooper concert. 

We waited a long time for our 10 pizzas to come. While we were waiting we tried to make people laugh by saying bubbles. It was fun to watch. 
Some of the youth helpers joined us for pizza. 

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