Saturday, November 28, 2015

Youth Camp Day 4

Well folks, this has been an interesting morning. It started off normal. At breakfast Zane said we can't do pranks in other countries where we don't know the rules. She said someone put a bra on the flag pole. She started speaking in English. She said it is an American bra so an American must have done it. A Latvian wouldn't have done this knowing the consequences. You can get 3 years in prison for putting something else under the flag. It dishonors it. One of the cooks saw it this morning and told Zane. They got it down quickly. Now, the only problem was that this was my bra. Since my stuff is in the bathroom I am the easiest target. I began to talk to all the Americans. I was sure it was Bryan, Jonathan, and PD. they assured me it wasn't them. They had fun watching me guess. I gave up. Later Brent told me who it was. It was two Latvian girls trying to get back at Zane for the prank she played. Apparently they thought it was Zane's bra or someone told them it was hers.

It was a normal day. We took group pictures.

At the evening service some folks played bells. Many people stayed around to talk to Bryan. Keith played the guitar and some people danced.

Many people were playing potato - like money in the middle. I saw a girl sitting by herself and talked to her. She was very nice and pretty. She said she appreciated me sitting by her.

I had a good conversation with two girls. They are so sweet. I shared my testimony with them. We listened to some Christian music on their phone. 

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