Saturday, November 28, 2015


This morning I said I am glad I survived the fire. Austin went to the police station and they gave him some things. He went because Inguna got them in on the prank to get Austin when he thought someone snuck into the school and stole something when he was told he didn't lock the doors properly. So, he got something that sounded like a fire alarm and put it in my room. They said it was very funny to watch me. Jonathan got the prank on video. I heard Jonathan was almost on the floor laughing.

We went to Inguna's to celebrate the 4th. She made us shish kabobs and ribs. I have had many ribs. They were the best ribs I have had.  I jumped on the trampoline and played hide and go seek with Kate. We used a lot of hand motions since she doesn't speak English and I don't speak Latvian.  The boys played soccer. Jonathan badly injured his lower back. He can't walk. Bryan took me to ride Janis G.'s motorcycle. He went very slow. A big truck that usually goes slow passed us. Bryan said he was so embarrassed it passed us. I thanked him for being humble and serving me in that way. As soon and I mean as soon as we got back it started raining. We moved everything inside. Janis U's mom made us the most delicious strawberry cake. It was similar to strawberry cheesecake.  It was one of the few sweet things I've had. Marta's mom also made us two amazing cakes. So so good. Closest thing to it was Boston creme pie. Jonathan is not doing well and kent is going to the hospital.

We headed for Riga. We had a very large bus and the nicest I have been on. When Janis G. and I were the only ones on the bus and we got to have a whole row to ourselves I thought that would be the last that would happen. It wasn't. Even with 26 of us several of us got our own row. It was nice to get some rest.

We checked into our hotel. I'm staying with Carol, Brent's secretary. We went for our Segway tour. At first it was hard and I wanted to give up. I'm thankful I didn't but I still didn't like it I'm glad we got the tour. It was informative. My tummy was hurting so I went back to the hotel after the tour and was able to go to bed early. 

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