Saturday, November 28, 2015

Orphan Camp Day 2

Well folks, seems like I'm always the last one up. I don't know why. I got ready in plenty of time. 

It was raining again this morning so we couldn't go out for flag like raising. 

We had morning exercises in the gym. 

Then, we had cereal with no sugar, cucumber, tomatoes, and bread. We had some good tea for breakfast. 

Then we had worship through songs. They sang some songs I knew. One I didn't. The one I didn't know has some fun hand motions. The worship team was great!

We had an incredible skit with great costumes, sound effects, and fire. 
However, the smoke had no place to go in the gym. The fire alarms went off.  One girl ran upstairs in the gym to open the windows.  The water went off in the hall way. 
We couldn't do the rest of our Bible time in the gym so we moved outside. 

For bible time the kids are split up into two groups of older and younger kids.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell y'all. I am doing photography, refilling this bucket with lemonade and helping Iguna with anything she needs help with. 
When Bruce was doing his Bible story he asked if the kids wanted to hear the rest of the story. One of the kids said no. I thought that was funny. 

Oh yeah, this is a mountain theme week. So each group has a mountain theme name. The Bible stores are based off of mountain stories. 

Later, we did crafts. During the craft time I found out that the two Janis' the worship leader, and the sound board guy drew on Deanna's back. - girl from the states. I was waiting for an opportunity to do a prank and this was the perfect time. 
So, the worship leader had a cheap guitar but he loves to play the guitar. Someone told him he felt like God would bless him if he gave up his guitar. He did. Later he got a $2600 guitar. 
Our plan is to take his guitar and put it in a safe place and send him on a scavenger hunt to find it. Genius. Read on. Story continues. 

After crafts I was surprised to find out in a few minutes we would be going to a museum. I had to change because what I was wearing wasn't warm enough. The younger kids were going to a dog place but I went to the museum. 
It was about a 20 minute walk to the museum. 
We had a tour but I couldn't understand anything that anyone was saying and couldn't read any of the signs. 
I asked some of my Latvian friends what the significance of the museum was and what they liked. I found out each area has a museum. Most kids had been to that museum. The museum used to be a house that a rich guy lived in. It was then turned into a high school then a museum. I saw some traditional Latvian gloves that I hope to get at the market on Saturday. There were old pictures of Talsi. The town used to be under German decent then was Russian. 

I meet two nice people Edguar and Evita. They are cousins and are helping at the camp this week. Edwards went to a Bible college and is now a carpenter. Evita just graduated from TKS and is going to school in Riga for music. 
I walked back with them. We passed a very nice Catholic Church. We went inside for a minute. We went the back way and they showed me the tallest place in town. There was a nice view of the lake. There were also paddle boats you could use with a slide. Edguar said the water is very dirty so you wouldn't want to get in. 
Evita took me into two shops to show me some jewlery and cool things in town. 
We were afraid we would be late for lunch. If you're late you get embarrassed. So we came up with a plan that we would sneak through the kitchen and pretend like we were helping in there. We also knew if we came in after we prayed it wouldn't be so obvious we were late. After getting back to the school we knocked on the kitchen door and weren't late. We were so glad!

We had soup for lunch and a good rice for dessert. No drinks with soup. 

Then, another skit. The skits are FABULOUS! Then Bible time. 

We then had free time and I hadn't gotten anything for my secret Barnabus so magdalen a super sweet girl took me to the store. It was nice to walk in the town since it was so nice outside. Magdalena picked me and Marcia up from the airport. She is so sweet...always giving me hugs. We got some good things for my secret angel. 

Then we came back. We were worried we would be late again and didn't want to have a punishment. Thankfully we didn't. and we had a drama and testimonies. 

Later we had crafts and snack. Before snacks we had to get Janis's guitar. Thankfully we had time to. Edgar helped us. 

Then sports time. During sports I attempted to take pictures of all the kids. It will go home with them on Thursday. Janis, the worship leader helped me communicate with all the kids in getting their pictures. Marta also helped me later when Janis left. 

Let me tell you the team here is AMAZING! The Latvians and Americans great! They love and serve these kids so well. 

Tonight we are watching a movie. 

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Janis didn't notice his guitar was missing for a while. We finally hinted at it. He found it. All is well. 

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